imagining the covers of your favourite novels

From my other blog…

I came across this gorgeous project via Wit + Delight:  From Cover to Cover is a pet project by designer Jenny Volvovski in which she envisions and designs a cover for every book she reads. She has read and imagined a few of my own favourite novels (her covers for these are featured below – yes, I confess to a love of Agatha Christie) and I love her aesthetic, which flits between a sort of simplified, stylised pop and beautifully fluid and romantic.

As a writer and reader I’ve always placed great stock in the cover of a novel. I despise novels adapted to film that feature a film still on their cover – I think because the novel existed before the movie and continues to exist in its own right, as its own entity, therefore should have an independent cover. But of course I understand the leverage this affiliation would create for the writer so really who am I to lament? But I digress … for me a novel is like a satisfyingly neat rectangular box that, when opened, allows me to access entirely new worlds. A novel is an adventure and the physical book is the touchstone. So a compelling cover not only sells a novel to me, but it exists as an object of beauty, wonder and intrigue that reminds me of the adventures to be had, the adventures already had. There is something so winsome about that, don’t you think?

See the rest of Jenny’s covers, here.

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