miscellaneous thoughts on motherhood & birth

Mother and Child by Xi Pan (2008)

Dear readers, as I was falling asleep has a big sister – for three years I’ve tended another blog, called The Beauty Philosopher.  My other blog is a fun affair – a little bit of this, a little bit of that and it is basically about nice things. I have however written a series of more personal pieces for The Beauty Philosopher, most recently about my interpretations of pregnancy, birth and motherhood. I thought they might feel at home here too, so here are the links to a handful of them. I might pop a couple of them on here directly too over the next few weeks.

baby chatter: beyond six months

motherhood: a social leveler

dreaming about a friendship

thoughts on beauty, with baby

She’s here

thoughts inspired by an apple green top

Notes on pregnancy and work

Take me to the water

*Artwork by Xi Pan. 

One thought on “miscellaneous thoughts on motherhood & birth

  1. The Hunter Gatherers

    I love the name of your new blog. I also do some of my best work in my head as I’m relaxing in bed. I often jot ideas down on a notepad beside my bed just so I can stop thinking about them and go to sleep.
    Looking forward to following you here too.


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