Editing & Publishing

Books edited & produced (select)

Larry Mitchell: A Pilbara Project Exhibition (Perth: FORM,February 2012).

Urban Scan: News, Views & Trends Promoting Collaborative Planning, Vol 1 No. 2 March 2012 (Department of Planning & Western Australian Planning Commission).

Endgame? A Collection of Works in Leather & Bronze by Tanija and Graham Carr (Perth: FORM, November, 2011).

Awkward Beauty: Helen Britton, Michelle Taylor, Justine McKnight (Perth: FORM, October 2011).

Building a Steak of Creativity: David Bielander (Perth: FORM, October 2011).

Let The Country Come In: Painting from Greenough Regional Prison (Perth: FORM, August, 2011).

FORM Annual Reports (2007-2011) (Perth: FORM).

The Pilbara Project: Field Notes and Photographs collected over 2010 (Perth: FORM, January, 2011).

Julie Blyfield: jewellery and objects 1990-2010 (Perth: FORM, October, 2010). Co-editors Julie Blyfield & Wendy Walker.

Before the Town got Big (Perth: FORM, October, 2010).

Signs of Change: jewellery designed to make a better world (Perth: FORM, April, 2010).

From the Atelier: workshopping the value of creativity and design (Perth: FORM, February, 2010).

Graduate Metal XII exhibition catalogue, (Perth: FORM, April, 2010).

Sharon Jack: the way it is exhibition catalogue (Perth: FORM, June, 2010).

Every Colour Is You: Celebrating Innovative Partnerships in the Pilbara (Perth: FORM, November, 2009).

Larry Mitchell: Not lost to us all exhibition catalogue (Perth: FORM, July, 2009).

The Journey is the Destination (Perth: FORM, 2008). Co-editors Cristina Rodriguez & Mags Webster.

Martumili Artists exhibition catalogue (Perth: FORM, April, 2008).

Systema Naturae: New works by Kevin Gordon exhibition catalogue (Perth: FORM, February, 2008).

Right to be CountedTobias Titz exhibition catalogue (Perth: FORM, 2007).

Garden of Curiosities: Amanda Shelsher exhibition catalogue (Perth: FORM, 2007).

Voiceworks literary journal for under 25 year-olds (Melbourne: Express Media, 2005).

Vivid 7 literary journal (Melbourne: School of Creative Arts, Faculty of Arts, University of Melbourne, 2003). Internship.

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