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Invisible Histories: a story about some fantastic aspiring Indigenous artists

Good morning! As part of my work with FORM I’ve been privileged to write about many clever artists and jaw-droppingly beautiful artworks, including those by West Australian Indigenous artists. FORM has collaborated extensively with many established and emerging WA Indigenous art centres and artists and one of the ‘littlest’ art centres (in terms of newness) is Spinifex Hill Artists based in Port Hedland in the Pilbara. The group formed several years ago in an arts development project run by FORM and since then they have launched a handful of exhibitions and sell their work through regional markets such as the Port Hedland West End Markets.

I wrote a piece about one of Spinifex Hill Artists’ exhibitions back in 2010 and recently rediscovered it among my files, so I thought it was worth sharing – you can flick through the entire exhibition catalogue (including my story – Invisible Histories) HERE.

Spinifex Hill Artists also have their own blog – HERE.

Happy reading!

*Catalogue images Copyright and courtesy of FORM; artworks Copyright the individual artists. Book design by Amy Moffatt.